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Denver archdiocese defends guidance on transgender students


Denver archdiocese defends guidance on transgender students

John Lavenburg Nov 12, 2022

NEW YORK – The Archdiocese of Denver has defended a policy telling archdiocesan school administrators to not enroll or re-enroll transgender students as simply guidance clarifying church teaching, while critics of the policy say it’s “dangerous and harmful” to LGBTQ people.

The policy has made its rounds in secular media this week after it was obtained and published by The Denver Post. Beyond guidance on transgender students, it states that a Catholic school cannot treat gay parents as an “equivalent to the natural family,” and makes it clear that students must act and be treated in accordance with their biological sex.

The archdiocese confirmed to Crux that the document posted online is accurate. In a statement, an archdiocesan spokesperson said that the goal of the policy is to “foster an environment in which children can grow in virtue and be formed” according to Catholic teaching.

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