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Sacked teacher loses legal bid in transgender pupil case


Sacked teacher loses legal bid in transgender pupil case

Lauren Moss, LGBT correspondent & Josh Parry, LGBT producer BBC News

A teacher who refused to call a transgender pupil by their preferred name and pronouns has lost a bid to launch a legal challenge against their school.

She said she had safeguarding concerns about the school's support of the child, described in court as a "transgender-affirming approach".

The campaign group Christian Concern, which supported the teacher, said she was then sacked for gross misconduct after sharing information about the child while taking legal advice.

The court heard she was "ideologically driven" by her beliefs.

At last some common sense :)

Yeah, but it's always three steps forward and two steps back for us.

Let's hope this case is finished and the poor child can get on with their life and the school may proceed as at present without interference from the biased or the ignorant.

A wise Judgement indeed.


Pamela xx


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