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Interviews for study on trans history


Admin note: This request has been approved by the Staff, and the proper credentials have been provided. Participants assume all risks and responsibility. You are responsible for protecting yourself, your identity, and your personal information.

Hi there! My name is Os Keyes, and I am a transgender PhD student at the University of Washington writing a dissertation on the history of transgender&/transsexual medical care. In particular, I am interested in the ways that the provision of this care has often been tied to willingness to participate in scientific research, and the difficulties that creates for patients.

I am hoping to talk to anyone treated at one of the Gender Identity Clinics in the United States, from the late 1960s to the 1980s, in Canada, from the 1960s to the present, and in the Netherlands, from the 1960s to the present. In particular I would love to chat to anyone who attended or applied to clinics at:

1. UT Galveston
2. Vanderbilt
3. Johns Hopkins
4. The University of Washington
5. the Cleveland Clinic Foundation
6. Case Western Reserve
7. Oregon State
8. the Clarke Institute, and
9. the VUmc clinic or other Dutch clinics

Participant protection is important to me, as is my accountability /to/ participants: I will provide you not only with a transcript of our conversation, but the right to see the drafts of anything I write that relies on our conversation, and to demand correction if I am misrepresenting your words, prior to even showing my dissertation committee members. Further, I am happy to use a pseudonym if you would prefer!

If anyone is interested in participating, please drop me an email at at any time and I'm happy to answer any questions and work on setting up a time to chat that works for you :)


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