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Remembrance Day in the UK ... Sunday, November 11, 2022


Northern Star Girl:
Sunday, November 11, 2022 is Remembrance Day in the UK.

In the UK,  Remembrance Sunday  honors servicemen and women who died in past conflicts.

Thank you to all that gave their "all"

For more information go to the following Link:

      Remembrance Sunday: King leads nation in honouring war dead


I went to the observance at the Biggleswade War Memorial. It's always a good turnout. For a small town, Biggleswade lost a lot of people in the wars, and there are a lot of names to be read out. One of the young Scouts wasn't feeling well, and had to sit down on the curb for awhile. Shortly after that an older gentleman collapsed, and got a big cut on the back of his head. Fortunately, the  medical team was on the  scene almost immediately.  As anyone who's been in the  military knows, you can't lock your knees while standing for a long time or you'll go down.


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