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Which Med Schools Excel in LGBTQ Health?


Northern Star Girl:
                               Which Med Schools Excel in LGBTQ Health?

          LGBTQ Health Issues: How to Choose a Medical School at the Forefront

By Ilana Kowarski
Nov. 8, 2022, at 3:09 p.m.

Excerpts below:  (Click the USNEWS Link above to view the entire article)
Med schools that provide exceptional training in LGBTQ health typically include information about it in required courses.An increasing number of U.S. medical schools offer courses that focus on the art and science of providing compassionate and informed health care for people who identify as LGBTQ.

A survey of New England M.D. students in 2018 revealed that nearly 77% of respondents rated themselves as not competent or somewhat not competent at providing medical care for gender and sexual minorities. At seven of the 10 schools represented in the survey, a majority of students said coverage of the medical concerns of sexual and gender minorities in their M.D. curriculum and preparation to serve those patients were inadequate.

Increasingly, medical educators across the U.S. are working to ensure that future doctors are able to address the medical needs of patients who identify as LGBTQ. Some research indicates a correlation between victimization through homophobic bullying and diagnosis with serious disorders among these individuals, who have a higher risk of contracting and dying from certain illnesses than the general population.


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