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Dealing with cold hands and feet on HRT

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Gina P:
   The last month or more, probably 6 weeks in on hormones my hands and feet are constantly cold. Very cold. I mentioned this to my GP doctor who laughed and said you are becoming a woman, now you know why we (women) are always cold. Its 70 in the house and I have thermal socks on and tried wearing gloves and a hat inside. I was always one to wear only a sweat shirt in the 20's most of the winter outside, now I'm contemplating buying a heated coat and gloves. I spend a great deal of my time outdoors and already dressing like its in the single digits even though its only in the 20s-30s. Does this happen to all you ladies?
   Freezing Gigi

I have become much more sensitive to cold as well, but on the flip side I can tolerate heat much better! That's one of the reasons we moved to a warmer state, I simply couldn't take snow and cold for 6+ months every year. We keep our thermostat at 68 in the winter, and I'm always wearing thick socks, a camisole, a fleece or thermal top, and a sweater indoors. Oddly, my wife is comfortable with temperatures 6 - 8 degrees cooler than what I prefer. If she says it's comfortable outside, then I know I'll need a jacket or sweater.

Love always -- Jessica Rose

Women have a warmer core body temperature. Core is even warmer when on birth control. The warmer your core the colder your hands and feet are. Women have less muscle which is a natural heat producer and more fat which blocks heat from getting to the extremeties like the hands and feet. My feet are cold anyway in the fall and winter since I wear flip flops year around. I am kind of use to my feet being cold anyway. It is basic biology. It is another welcome to womanhood moment.

If you live in a colder mountainous region or colder temperature area or you simply enjoy hiking, wool socks are the way to go.  Although a bit pricey; but, for sure worth it, are the really comfortable Smartwool (R) brand high quality wool socks.  No more cold feet.


Maid Marion:
I've bought very nice socks from Swiftwick.

It may help to experiment with balancing your top versus bottom.
I sleep warmer if my bottom isn't as well insulated as my top.
VS sells separates so their customers can buy exactly what they need.



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