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Did you have any physical signs/traits pre-HRT of your transgender/gender status

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I think a lot looking back how my body was very unfeminine. Not that it was masculine, I just didnt hit any puberty that well, I’ve always been quite young looking for my age. I know I’m technically not intersex but I always felt inbetween states, I genuinely felt that transition went so smoothly it was very much meant to be for me.

Some things that contributed to my transition:

-underdeveloped/late puberty: I always looked younger than my age. I didn’t have an ‘adult’ female face, I looked like a child. I got periods at 14, and my chest budded around 12 and didnt grow quite large. Thankful for the lack of femme traits everyday, I don’t have a curvy body. No curvy thighs/hips/butt.

-thick body hair and eyebrows: I never thought about this but my hair was always “thick”, I learned that this is kinda a male trait in my family?? I also had thick eyebrows, I never understood the big deal about eyebrows, but at some point my mom suggested I tweezer the hairs out. I think it’s starting to dawn on me why that is

-Adam’s apple and slightly deep voice: When I went to a doctor for some normal checkup, they paused a second at my throat, seemed confused and thought something was wrong before they shrugged it off and moved on. I never asked, but I’m suspicious as to why that wasn’t “normal”
I also had a voice that I could drop the pitch if I be careful to speak more monotone instead of getting too excited

-Larger downstairs: Whenever I see pictures of woman a lot of them hardly ever have any clit, mine was fairly decent sized even before T

-Sex drive: Consequently, I’ve always had a active sex drive.

-Dysphoria: My first puberty made me dysphoric before I knew what it was. Like maybe puberty just sucks, but I remember feeling defeated and that my life drastically changed forever when my breasts grew in and I had this wave of revulsion looking in the mirror, knowing I had to get over it and accept it. I also didnt look down at myself for a year it seemed like

Height: I am not very tall, but genetically the men in my family just arent tall anyways. I am taller than my mom, who is quite short. I have a sister 12 years younger, she is hitting puberty and might be settling in height soon, her height takes more after my mom.

While many of us do not have the ideal feminine or masculine body, we are who we are. Many people like us have a disconnect between our mental self image and our physical body. Regardless of our individual situation, this disconnect has been the cause of much of our dysphoria. We do what we have to do to reconnect our minds to our physical body and unload this dysphoria.

While my own situation is greatly different from your own, I can appreciate the pain this is causing you. I was there a while ago and for me, the only relief I found was in full transition. We are all unique and we all must find what we need to do to unload our dysphoria.

Take care.  :-*

Maid Marion:
Yes, I've always been misgendered  I'm one of the less than 8% of the population with an hourglass figure.
I'm also short for a female.


i always had hips, so pants never seemed to fit properly... until about six years ago when I discovered how well women's jeans fit!

Love always -- Jessica Rose

big kim:
Pre HRT I had hips.Very little muscle mass, tall & slim Very little body hair. Unable to grow a full beard as chin area was very sparse. Thin wrists. Good shaped long legs. No Adam's apple (but still got a voice like Lemmy!) I'm a DES child born 1957


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