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Did you have any physical signs/traits pre-HRT of your transgender/gender status

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No Adam's Apple, thin wrists and hands that are more a female than male size.  I was 5' 7" which is OK for a man but fine for a woman.


--- Quote from: Rakel on November 29, 2022, 04:12:55 am ---While many of us do not have the ideal feminine or masculine body, we are who we are. Many people like us have a disconnect between our mental self image and our physical body. Regardless of our individual situation, this disconnect has been the cause of much of our dysphoria. We do what we have to do to reconnect our minds to our physical body and unload this dysphoria.

While my own situation is greatly different from your own, I can appreciate the pain this is causing you. I was there a while ago and for me, the only relief I found was in full transition. We are all unique and we all must find what we need to do to unload our dysphoria.

Take care.  :-*

--- End quote ---

Yeah apologies, I really should have made it clear I was looking for similar experiences and this was just one discussion topic, not a baseline. I fully agree with you, the baseline for being trans is always gender incongruence and anyone that doesn’t experience the gender they were assigned at birth is trans. I appreciate this clarification for newer people who stumble on here and think this is the most important thing to have to be trans when everyone experiences that journey differently. Take care!

Allie Jayne:
Life is a lottery and we all win or lose in different areas. Like Big Kim, I was a DES child from the 1950’s, so nothing about my development has been ‘typical’. Parts of my puberty were delayed, I didn’t start shaving ‘til my 20’s, and then couldn’t grow a beard. I was naturally well muscled for a male, with smaller hips than usual, and shorter than my brothers at 5’8” I did go through a strange phase between 12 and 15 where I had abdominal cramps and nose bleeds for a week every month, but it finally resolved itself. I had to work to get my voice into the male range. I was, and still am, asexual, but I did manage to father 2 children.

My midlife saw my testosterone levels fall, and I was diagnosed with Hypogonadism. This meant that I kept my full head of hair, little body hair, but it also meant my genitals atrophied so much that by my 60’s they had receded internally, and I struggled with a condition known as phimosis where the hole at the end of my foreskin was so small it caused problems with urination. I never had to tuck. My Testosterone was in the female range before I started HRT at 65, so I never needed blockers. My doctor said my body had decided to transition decades before I finally did.

I am still cursed with a large upper body structure and small hips, but I did lose an inch in height to 5’7” and my naturally softer facial features are now an advantage. My body has been a mixed bag for me growing up and going through transition, with advantages and disadvantages, but few of us get a perfect ride through life!



So many things. My hands are small, my fingers are long, and my nails are big and beautiful. Feet. too. Adams apple? Nope. Breasts? Yes! omg! ive never believed I was a man. i wonder, did anyone?

I used my faith to shrink my hands and feet. Without hormones, I lost two shoe sizes and my nail plates are no larger than many cis women's fingernails on my hands.


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