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i found out i might be intersex.........


and i wasted 15 years looking for absolute proof thinking i needed it to justify my existence, instead of dealing with my real problem which is .....well.....i always thought im a girl and everyone else thinks im a boy, You had better know who you are before you go chasing these waterfalls. i was pissing blood and afraid to go to a doctor in case they discovered i was intersexed and i couldnt go on living the lie i was living. i am transgender- maybe because i am intersexed. but im not going to put the cart before the horse.

My biological sex is intersex.. my gender, however, is female.. My transition had little to do with my biological sex.
I do believe some people spend a lot of time, even their whole lives, looking for justification of who they are..
The quicker you accept you and (dare I say it) even start to love yourself... the quicker you will get on that road to happiness.
Societal acceptance of gender incongruity is a positive in this sense. The 'less scary' or unpredictable the end acceptance and integration is the easier it is to make that choice to be you.

With every choice there are losses and wins.. And my transition has lost me a home and marriage (of 30 years).. but I have never been happier than I am now and never felt more alive.. I would strongly advocate to stop looking for excuses and start looking for truth.


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