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LGBTQ students wrestle with tensions at Christian colleges


Northern Star Girl:
     LGBTQ students wrestle with tensions at Christian colleges

                          The Associated Press

By GIOVANNA DELL'ORTO of The Associated Press
and YONAT SHIMRON of Religion News Service
December 05, 2022

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COLLEGEVILLE, Minn. (AP) — As monks chanted evening prayers in the dimly lit Saint John’s University church, members of the student LGBTQ organization, QPLUS, were meeting in a dedicated, Pride flag-lined lounge at the institution’s sister Benedictine college, a few miles away across Minnesota farmland.

To Sean Fisher, a senior who identifies as non-binary and helps lead QPLUS, its official recognition and funding by Saint John’s and the College of Saint Benedict is welcome proof of the Catholic schools’ “acknowledging queer students exist.”

But tensions endure here and at many of the hundreds of U.S. Catholic and Protestant universities. The Christian teachings they ascribe to are different from wider societal values over gender identity and sexual orientation, because they assert that God created humans in unchangeable male and female identities, and sex should only happen within the marriage of a man and a woman.


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