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So what surprised you most during your transition - pleasant, unpleasant or both

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I was surprised that 99% of my family and friends accepted me. I recognize that I have been very, very fortunate...


For me it was the extremes that can occur in people. I saw the best in people when I came out to the first person ever, utterly scared to death, and she was amazing. So warm and understanding. Got me to come here. Way back in the mists of time. To help me come to terms with everything.

But also I've seen the opposite and just how nasty people can be. When they hospitalise you for close to a year just because of who you are. And feel nothing about doing so. Ruin every hope you have for your life just because you're outnumbered and don't think people can be like that. Cause you to have horrible nightmares and think nothing of it.

You can never assume how people are going to be. Some people will be the light in the dark, some people will be the dark itself. People are surprising. Constantly.

At Thanksgiving my great niece told me that I was “the greatest chef she’s ever met in her whole life”. She’s seven years old.  I feel about as qualified to answer the question in this thread (which I posted) as she was to discuss the great chefs of the world.

That being said, even in these early days of my transition, I have noticed one thing that did surprise me… how quickly the extraordinary becomes the ordinary.

It wasn’t so long ago I was going in for my first meeting with the electrologist… and then my first session… both with a lot of wide-eyed anticipation… and now it’s just “oh I have my weekly session with my friend Linda” that I look forward to and I don’t even consider how odd it is, or that my wife and talk about it like it’s nothing out of the ordinary, it’s just a part of what I do now.  That happened FAST.

Nadine Spirit:
Wow, this question can go in so many different directions. Hmmmmmmm.......

how about unpleasant first... 1. how much <not allowed> hurt! Omg they hurt so bad at first, now they're just occasionally sore, but still, ugh! 2. that I would end up wanting and completing bottom surgery. I didn't go into this expecting that. 3. That my employer discriminates against transgender people.

now pleasant... 1. how great I would feel once I had my bottom surgery! 2. How well I pass, (though I hate that idea, I must admit I have that privilege and I never thought I would come anywhere close!) 3. How amazing I feel once I changed my hormones, like just how right it felt. 4. How much my transition would improve my relationship. 5. How much transition would improve my professional life. (I mean it has been tough but overall I am a much better employee now that I'm not obsessing about gender constantly.) 6. That my employer would eventually reverse their position and I was instrumental in changing their policies!

Allie Jayne:

--- Quote from: Gigi Cooper on December 11, 2022, 07:48:11 am ---   I can totally understand the breast pain Allie. The least pressure gives me a sharp stabbing pain that causes me to gasp for air. Happens at night when I roll over in bed or lean on something when working. I wonder if there is a hard plastic form that could be worn under a wet suit that would keep the pressure off the breasts for girls in a similar situation.


--- End quote ---

Thank you for your suggestion Gigi, unfortunately the physics of water pressure is that it is applied from all directions and so shielding doesn't work.

After reading Nadine's comments, I have to say that the level of dysphoria relief I got from GCS was unexpected. I expected some relief, after all that is why I had the op, but I felt so relieved after it the dysphoria which almost killed me was no longer an issue for me!




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