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Are there any games you found helpful for dysphoria?


Hi everyone. When it comes to body dysphoria I always thought The Sims was a good title. In The Sims you can basically create any kind of person you want. I always created female Sims more specifically. I found that gaming was always very good for that reason.
Are there any titles you enjoy?

Yeah, although the most helpful for me were games I played in VR. In first person. Like Skyrim, or Fallout, or Elite Dangerous. Where you could actually be your character. See yourself when you look down. Interact with the world as your character in probably the most immersive way possible.

Any game with character creation is good, though. Been on a big Cyberpunk 2077 trip recently. I never had the chance to run that in VR, even though people kind of hacked it to make it run in VR. Didn't have a powerful enough PC for it. But that would have been epic.

I kind of wish we were 100 years further on, in a cyberpunk future, where those kinds of experiences could feel even more real, by just jacking straight into your brain... but you take what you can get lol.

Oh... special shout out to Far Cry 6 also. I love being female Dani. She is just too adorable.


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