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My friends and I would play video games growing up. I ALWAYS played the women characters. It made me feel nice. Did you play the female characters too?

Years ago I used to play Left 4 Dead and later Left 4 Dead 2 with three male friends online and I used to always pick the female character.

Later, I played Fallout 4 and picked the female character and really go into roleplaying the story.

Eventually I realised that I am transgender  :D

I never let myself play female characters.  Someone might have figured out I was really a girl!


I did it on PGA Tour 98 and GTA 3 back in the PS1 and PS2 days.

These days, I just play NES emulations and MineTest on my computer. I haven't played on a console in several years. When I play MineTest, I always switch my skin to a female one.


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