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Hi Can anyone from the UK who has had breast augmentation surgery in the UK advise where they obtained a letter to have their surgery.  Im booked to have a breast augmentation surgery in February with a local surgeon but to have the surgery I have to provide the hospital with a letter from a psychologist, which seems unfair as it's a cosmetic surgery and basically open for anyone to have. To fulfill the criteria I have contacted Charring Cross gender clinic and asked if they could provide me with a letter to confirm I am living full time as a transgender female (I have been under their care since 2017/2018), but have had an email back from them saying no. Can anyone advise whether they have received a letter from their gender clinic or if it's not something they will help with and where I would go to obtain such a letter.

Any advise would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

I would suggest your local GP would be able to help.

GenderGP, Gendercare, any of the private GICs can help you with that.

Thank you both for taking the time to reply, I will try seeing if they can help for a letter.

I hate reading a post that has advise and never finding out if that advise worked for the person as they didn't update.

Just realised I have don't the same thing so....

I used Gender GP who were amazing, really easy to book an appointment online and I think it was £150, The lady who did the consultation was really nice and then I had a letter a few days later, so a really positive experience using them. I would highly recommend their service for anyone else needing a similar letter and the hospital were also perfectly happy with the letter so win win! : )


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