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MDV 12/20/22 at Denver Health/Dr. Hyer

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Ok, here we go, I'm finally going under the knife in a week's time! This will be the first significant surgery in my life, so I know I'm in for an adventure  :o

As I've posted elsewhere, I am 69 years old, on Medicare with an Advantage plan. They will cover it with a $500 copay. I'll be in the hospital two nights, then home.

My check-in time will be revealed three days pre-op, but Dr. Hyer said most likely I'd the first of the day, with a 5:30am check-in. That's a bit unreasonable of a drive given that I live 1.5 hours away, and some friend or relative would probably have to drive extra just to pick me up. So I made a reservation for the night before at a hotel adjacent to the hospital. I can take a bus the afternoon before from Colorado Springs which will drop me off a block from the hotel. This is all falling into place! As if it was meant to be  :)

I was told I didn't need to remove pubic hair, so I didn't. At the pre-op just three weeks ago she mentioned off-hand that I would need to dilate if I want to preserve my dimple. Otherwise it will eventually flatten out. This was the first I had heard about dilation, so I was disconcerted. I didn't want to change where I'm having this done, so I will proceed and see how it goes.

Good friends of mine will drive up to collect me upon discharge, and get me up the stairs into my house on 12/22. Then my son and his partner will arrive the next day to stay for awhile and help me through my immediate recovery. My daughter and her husband may follow them after Christmas.

I will have a catheter until my post-op after a week. This will ease issues of getting up in the night to pee (and having to descend stairs to the bathroom). I've been warned however that sleeping with a catheter can have its own set of issues. I've bought a bunch of waterproof pads for the bed, chairs, etc. and I will put on a waterproof mattress cover.

(Lol had to break just now to join the neighborhood 8pm howl. There are about 6-8 people who join in most nights, plus a random assortment of cis dogs.)

I feel well supported, with at least three neighbors, my sister and my brother, and close friends who will help me out. I'll let you all know how things play out as I go along.

Allie Jayne:
Rayna, congratulations on getting a date and so soon! I didn't have to worry about hair removal for my MDV, and yes, I think I have lost some depth to my dimple, but tbh, I don't use it for anything anyway, and it's just something else I have to keep clean, so I won't miss it if it goes away. My specialist nurse suggested I visit it regularly with a vibrating egg, but I am not interested in sex, so it never happened. It was enough for me to have everything the way I needed it to be down there!

All the best for a smooth recovery and please keep us posted!




I am so excited for you. It has been almost two years since my MDV. The process you described is very much like mine. You will be recovered and enjoying doing your runs in no time just like you always do.


Northern Star Girl:
Dear Rayna:
An exciting Christmas present for yourself on December 20th !!!
I will be eagerly looking for your updates as you feel comfortable
sharing and posting.

I am wishing you success and happiness, and a trouble free recovery.

I'm so thrilled for you Rayna. How awesome. As you say, it sounds like everything is meant to be with the way it's falling into place.

A couple of questions please?

First, how deep is the dimple likely to be? I'm interested as this is a procedure I may have so curious to know.

Second, what is the evening howl? As a naive Brit I'm baffled but curious!  :D



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