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Ever thought about changing childhood pictures to the corresponding gender?

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I was thinking about using some kind of service or a program (if anything like.that exists) to change my childhood and teen photos from boy to girl.
I am so.curious to see how it would and also would love to have pics of my younger self in the correct gender.

Has anyone thought about or has done anything like that?

Have you looked into digitizing the photos and using something like FaceApp?

Just to offer a different perspective on this, in my opinion the past is the past and I don't see any point in modifying it and the memories I have from my youth. It is part of my life that will always stay with me and there is no reason to deny my male past.

Just my ยข2...


its a difficult thing to morally justify one way or the other... I mean it is not wrong, but it is not also, right....
I caught myself saying to someone in conversation '..When I was a little girl..'  and immediately winced inside. I did not want to correct myself, as that would of ousted my history (and this was a stranger I was talking with (my manicurist)).. and so I had to sit with that little white lie...

I am sure faceapp would be able to do the conversion, just photo your photo's with your phone and do it that way. The caveat is, this is only an algorithm run on a computer.. a fantasy depiction, not actual factually what you would have looked like...

Victoria L:
I remember friends on FB sharing a service, but I've lost track of it. Might not have been real.

Would I? Leaning toward yes. I was painfully aware of being a woman for all along. So, you'd just be changing the outer shell that never reflected who I was on the inside. That shell wasn't me. Not ever. It's painful that I ever had to look like that.

Of courseeee what I REALLY want is to be able to relive my life from the beginning as the right sex. I would give just about anything.


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