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Large Volume Electrolysis with Lidocaine Injections


Hi everyone! Not sure if this will be allowed but I'm too exited not to share. I just finished my genital large volume Electrolysis with pain management at 'Electrolysis 100% Permanent' in Chicago and I want to say that I am so happy I did it! One of the best experiences of my life! I'm MTF and finally I am hair free.

I was getting electrolysis at a different clinic in NC but because it was so painful and it was taking so long for me I started to look for alternatives. Thankfully I found this clinic in Chicago and I saw on their website that they offer a set of pain relief options including Intravenous Hydration, Oral Sedation, Lidocaine Injections, Intravenous Sedation administrated by their board certified nurse practitioner and anesthesiologist. This was something I didn't see in NC.

I've decided to take the leap and book my first online out of state free consultation. I live in NC and so I had to plan all my trips in advance. After I submitted the consultation form they got back to me quickly. They confirmed my booking and the lady was kind enough to ask me if they could help with anything to make my trip as smooth as possible.

My first session on a Monday morning started at 8 AM and lasted for about 6 hours. When I got there they quickly let me into the room where I changed into a gown. The nurse administered topical Lidocaine, which I sat with for like 10 minutes before the doctor came in and administered the anesthetic injections. All the procedure lasted 6 hours straight and we wrapped up just after 2 PM. There was no pain or discomfort from the electrolysis. I just couldn't believe it.

Just wanted to put it out there in case it would help somebody else. Having to deal with my genital hair was such a problem for me and I'm grateful that it's all gone now!

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