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Oscars and Emmys Should Drop Gendered Categories, Says L.A. Times


Northern Star Girl:
   Oscars and Emmys Should Drop Gendered Categories, Says L.A. Times

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By Trudy Ring
December 21 2022 7:54 PM EST

Excerpts Below:   (Click NEWS Link above to view the entire story)
It’s time for the Oscars and the Emmys to drop gendered acting categories, says the Los Angeles Times.

The Times made its call in an editorial published Wednesday. The categories are a relic of sexism and are unfair to nonbinary performers, it says.

Several awards competitions have ended the use of gendered categories, the editorial notes, including the Grammys, the MTV Movie and TV Awards, Film Independent’s Independent Spirit Awards, and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

“It makes sense for every awards organization that still uses it to scotch this outdated categorization,” the Times editorial board writes. “Why shouldn’t performances by all actors, regardless of gender designation, be judged together? They all work together in a movie or TV show. And the categorizations don’t fit every performer.”

Emma Corrin, who is nonbinary, has spoken out against gendered categories, the editorial points out. Corrin was nominated for an Emmy in the female acting category for playing Diana, Princess of Wales, in season 4 of The Crown before coming out as nonbinary.

“It’s past time to get rid of these categories — and we believe that awards shows can smartly lay out a plan to do that,” the Times concludes.


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