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Gina P:
   I went to my Endo and asked when would be a good time to start adding Progesterone to my Estrogen and he said it would be fine to use it now. He wrote me a scrip and I'm having second thoughts about starting it so soon. I have been on Estrogen for 4 months and seeing a fair amount of breast growth already and a lot of pain under the nipples in the buds. What I have been reading is wait 6 months or you will get tubular breasts (gay doctor). Many sites say 1 year. Just wondering if anyone has experience with this.

Allie Jayne:
Gigi, as there is no definitive research showing advantages to taking progesterone, most doctors don't recommend it, or will give it to you just to make you happy. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence showing advantages, but this evidence shows the progesterone matures the breasts by filling them out and completing the growth of the nipple and areola. Unfortunately, this maturing of the breast also means it will stop developing, so taking progesterone before Tanner Stage 3 can result in incomplete development of the breast. Everybody develops at a different rate, so there is no way to say how many months it takes to get to stage 3, but it is usually more than one year.

I started progesterone at tanner stage 3 to help with the development of my nipples, and it more than doubled their size in a few months, but my areolas didn't grow. I stayed on it for just over a year before discontinuing it. We all have different results from progesterone, and this is why there are no accepted recommendations for using it, other than to stay away from the synthetic medroxyprogesterone and only use bioidentical progesterones.



I agree that if you are going to use Progesterone, take bio-identical Progesterone only. I do not agree with any need to take Progesterone. Progesterone causes a temporary enlargement of the breasts.

Tubular breasts are caused by enlargement from pregnancy or being overweight and no longer breast feeding or when  losing excess weight. This causes the breasts to deflate and appear tuberous. If you chose to take Progesterone, you should consider making this hormone a permanent part of your hormone therapy.

Yes, Progesterone will give you some breast enlargement as it does when a cis-woman becomes pregnant. However, not everyone needs or benefits from Progesterone. Estradiol is your primary feminizing hormone. I never took Progesterone and I have ample breast tissue.

Gina P:
I think I will err on the side of caution and wait a couple of months before starting Progesterone. I am seeing significant growth so far and don't want to jeopardize that.
Thanks ladies

Gina P:
  My endo did an about face. He said he no longer supports the use of Progesterone as the WPATH now says, according to studies, it only causes more health risks and absolutely no benefit to transitioning. As I have seen continued breast growth since starting HRT, I'm not sure if I agree.  The Endo says growth and nipple changes are all from E. Anyone care to chime in?


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