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Electrolysis on the NHS: how?


Hi everyone,

My Gender clinician has said I'm eligible for 80 hours of electrolysis on the NHS. I've had some work done previously, but nowhere near 80 hours.

Does anyone know how I go about getting this set up? Are there specific clinicians who operate under the scheme and then they apply for funding? Or how does it work?

And is it definitely electrolysis not laser?

Thank you in advance for any help  :-*


Your GP needs to request it through the local CCG (Care Commissioning Group, recently renamed, but your GP will know the  new name). Definitely electrolysis, not laser. It can  be difficult finding someone willing to do genital electrolysis for a transgender person, but they're out there.

Usually you have to be under GIC control and they will help you organise it, they will probably also have a list of providers. Mine in Cheshire does perform genital electrolysis and she is excellent.

Ok thank you to you both. If the latter is the case then it's not going to be helped by my main gender contact moving on but I will try to pursue both, probably with a letter to my GP and copied to the gender service.

Thank you Devlyn and Kalandrina.


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