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What was the worst make-up result you had or seen?

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What was the worst make-up result you had or seen?

I say “less is more” when it comes to make-up, but I am not a make-up pro.
Too much is not good!

I think too much or the wrong eye makeup can look especially bad.  I saw a lady this week who almost looked as if she had two black eyes.  Maybe that is a style people like.

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Chrissy:
I am a minimum makeup girl.... 
I concern myself more with eyebrow shaping, manicures and pedicures.... and hair styles.

You are very correct ... "less is more"  "too much is not good"


For me definitively the first time I tried to apply make-up. I looked like a clown!

Yes, for a trans person it is difficult to learn that less is actually more, although it appears that some cis women were also absent when they taught that lesson...


I am another minimal make up girl here. Too much looks strange and the worst is what you commonly see on a drag queen. This is my opinion and if you have a different ideal, then do what you wish.

big kim:
Haven't worn it for years. I prefer natural chemical free face, lips, hair & eyes. I have my eyebrows threaded & take care of my hair. Makeup is very aging when your my age(65) I was guilty of looking like a member of Twisted Sister when I first started wearing it early in my transition!


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