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panties and jean sizes


I am wondering if others wear same size of both panties and jeans or different sizes? I wear panties in a size 8 and jeans size 14. Dont understand it why. I have some panties size 9 and are a little big

Every manufacturer of clothing has their own size profile. Sometimes they match up, but usually not. You just have to try on the clothing you buy. Once you have the size from a particular maker, stick with that size.

I wear size 10 panties and size 18 jeans. I don't try to understand it. I just keep track of the maker and the size that fits me.  :P

Intimates' sizing in my experience has little correlation with other garments.
Some manufacturers post/publish approximate measurements for their perceptions of their sizes.
Sometimes those measurements are accurate enough to use and get great results from.  Others
you are left puzzled as to who measured what, and in what units as neither inches or centimeters
appear relevant.   Some firms have pretty useful return policies.   

If  you are in position to frequent used clothing stores that can significantly drop the cost of actually
trying stuff on which is the only true test.  Being able to hold the clothes up and see where the size
actually is at the points you find essential can provide great results.   I find some Ls are the same
as a 2XL elsewhere.  I have size 14s that fit like 18s and vice versa.  This takes time and patience
until you find what works for you.   

Manufacturers appear to try to hold some consistency across their product lines which is one big
blessing in shopping.   If you are buying online, products with many reviews are likely to have
accurate reviews of how the sizing published translates to actual wearing.

Panties have a different number system then dresses and jeans.  Generally, panties will start numbering at 2 and step by 1.  (2, 3, 4, 5, etc.)  Dresses and jeans tend to start at 0 or 00 for the same size as a 2 in panties.  Then they usually step by 2’s.   (0, 2, 4, 6, etc.)  So, a size 4 is going to be close in jeans and panties.  Once you get to size 8 in panties, you could be anywhere from anywhere from 14 to 20 in jeans, depending upon how the manufactures size their clothing.

If you’re wondering why, you only see panties in even sizes, it’s because manufactures and retailers don’t want to deal with so many sizes.  So, they rely on material stretch to cover the odd sizes.

Also, sometimes you will see half sizes (3 and 5) in smaller jeans and shorts in materials that don’t have any stretch.  In the smaller sizes, half sizes are a bigger deal.  You don’t see half sizes in skirts so much since they can ride a little higher or lower on the waistline for the right fit.


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