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Number of children seeking gender identity treatment has risen by two-thirds...


Northern Star Girl:
Number of children seeking gender identity treatment has risen by two-thirds in less than two years as it emerges 8,000 are on waiting list for NHS clinic

                                     The DAILY MAIL  (Mail Online)

By Martin Beckford and David Churchill For The Daily Mail
Published: 17:22 EST, 28 December 2022
Updated: 17:22 EST, 28 December 2022

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Nearly 8,000 children are on the waiting list for NHS gender identity treatment, official figures have revealed.

The number is a rise of more than two-thirds (67 per cent) in less than two years and comes amid growing concerns from medical experts, parents and politicians.

The youngsters, who were under-18, were in line for an appointment at a controversial NHS clinic after they sought professional help.

They were due to have a first appointment with the Tavistock Clinic’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), which is being closed down in the wake of a damning review.

Those waiting to be seen will now be sent to two replacement centres that will open in the spring.

Last night, the role of social media was being questioned in the rise of referrals.

Stephanie Davies-Arai, director of campaign group Transgender Trend, told the Mail: ‘These figures support the concern that social contagion is responsible for large numbers of teenagers who are suddenly identifying as trans and that contagion is now spread very quickly through social media platforms.’

An NHS spokesman said: ‘NHS England is expanding healthcare services for young people with gender dysphoria, and is working with existing and new providers to establish two new services, with up to seven additional services to follow across England once the Cass Review has issued further advice.’

All one has to do is mention transgender in a conversation and they will go down the list of why there is no way it can be legitimate. 'Social contagion' are the latest buzz words. Some transphobe does a Youtube video and suddenly, the 'evil' doctors are 'handing out surgeries to 12 and 13 year olds.' I see it happen every day. Believe me, people are swallowing this stuff, hook, line, and sinker. If we think we can just sit back and let the lies stand unanswered, the narrative will be owned by the haters. I urge anyone who knows the reality of being trans to speak up. I get grief every day, but I will not sit back and let the lies take hold without at least responding.


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