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You're changing your gender not your personality.

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Hi everyone. There may be some here that say "No, I'm not changing my gender I always was this or that." I understand that and that isn't what I'm saying at all. I'm just talking about my own personal experience and what I learned about the whole transition thing.
In terms of transitioning to female I grew my hair out and even my breasts with estrogen. Besides that not much changed. I still have the same body, the same likes and dislikes, and the same personality traits. I guess another way of wording it would be "You're changing from one gender to another not from one person to another."
This is basically where I am with my transition but has anyone else come to a similar place in their's?

Northern Star Girl:
BOTH my gender and my personality changed!!!

When I was getting closer and closer to going Full-time and eventually
became a Full-time trans-woman I felt that my personality did indeed change...
...because of several factors:
I was being identified as and was being treated like a woman, and as a result
my responses and reactions were based upon being a woman.   
All of that changed my mindset and some of my likes and dislikes did in fact change.

My friends that knew me from "before" said that I became a happier, gentler, kinder,
and a more compassionate and empathetic person.


Brooke Renee:

--- Quote from: Northern Star Girl on December 29, 2022, 05:09:33 pm ---My friends that knew me from "before" said that I became a happier, gentler, kinder,
and a more compassionate and empathetic person.

--- End quote ---

Hi Ladies,

I think this is kind of where I am.  I say that but I also think that I was always kinder and gentler than the average male but the years of societal gender expectations teaches us that men who are too sensitive are flawed.  So I repressed my true nature, just like I repressed my desires to be female.  Now that I am in transition I am embracing my innate, feminine side.  My personality is now free to be who she is, which is a very gentle natured, empathetic person. 

I guess what I am trying to say in my rambling response is what appears to be a personality change in my case maybe just the fog lifting and my true nature is now free to be who she is. 


Maid Marion:
I am more social as a woman because as a short guy I'd fall into the "uncanny valley" between genders and more often than not things would just get awkward.

As a woman there is a natural flow to social interactions.


Danielle nailed it. People treat you differently when they see you as female. That nurturing will change your brain because the brain has plasticity, the ability to reconfigure itself in response to new situations.


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