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You're changing your gender not your personality.

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I have changed,  but to who I wanted to be, years of repression and suddenly the cork was out of the bottle. From that moment I started developing mentally. I am more open, talk to strangers, smile a lot and much happier. It was like growing up in a few months, learning new skills such as my style etc. it was definitely more than body change. I am a better person.
Things that have not changed, my love of recorded music and creating the best reproduction electronics, watching rugby, F1, and MLB.

Jessica xxx

I am a bit more tolerant of idiots, I have always been nice and chat to folk and treat everyone as "friends" . Personality and hobbies are still very much the same.

Nadine Spirit:
I didn't think my personality would change but it has, at least as far as others perception of who I am. I still see myself the same as I always have, but now others see me differently. Yes it is because they now see the woman I obviously am and address me as such, but also they are seeing a different me. Prior to my transition I was putting on a show in my attempts to have people perceive me as male. I was always trying to "act" male by imitating what I saw other males doing. It was purely a social thing, I would be that way around any other people to attempt to not let them see who I really was, but to myself I've always been the same.

My wife and sister pointed this out. My sister kept asking me if my wife was having a hard time adjusting to my new way of behaving. I was confused and asked my wife about it. She told me I have always been my true self around her and it wasn't much of a change, but around my sister I was always trying to act very manly and it was just weird. I only ever showed my true self when I was alone or with my wife, but everybody else saw an actress trying to play a male role.

Now I am different around others, but a good different apparently at least according to them.

Brooke Renee:

--- Quote from: davina61 on December 30, 2022, 04:51:45 am ---I am a bit more tolerant of idiots...

--- End quote ---

Hi Davina,

When I first read your response my immediate reaction was to say that I probably went the opposite direction.  But the more I think about what you wrote and the more I look inward and assess some of my behaviors perhaps, just perhaps my feminine spirit is rounding off some of my corners and I too am finding some degree of tolerance.  I think in my case I now try to understand how a person's life history has led them to their viewpoint instead of being dismissive at the beginning. 

I think I am basically the same person..
Though the haters in my life (my ex and my ex-best friend) say they do not recognise me at all.. that I am a different person.
I think it is mainly due to the huge smile I have on my face now... and the ability to tell people that abuse me to go and <insert duck like word here> themselves...

so .. on reflection.  yeah I have changed for the better!!


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