Author Topic: Are healthcare providers doing enough for an aging LGBTQ population?  (Read 308 times)

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‘Many times, elders go back into the closet.’ Are healthcare providers doing enough for an aging LGBTQ population?

Story by Julie Pfitzinger (30 Dec 2022)

Rajean Moone, Ph.D., is cautiously optimistic about the survey results of the Minnesota 2022 LGBTQ Aging Needs Assessment Report, but believes there is still ground to be gained when it comes to how confident members of the LGBTQ population feel about receiving health services that are sensitive and appropriate.

Moone, 44, a 2022 Next Avenue Influencer in Aging, was the principal investigator on the 2022 report, and also part of the research team that conducted a similar survey in 2012: a year when the social and political climate in Minnesota for LGBTQ people was being challenged.

“At that time, there was a constitutional amendment on the ballot in Minnesota attempting to define marriage as being between one man and one woman,” Moone said. “There was a heightened sense of fear.” (The amendment was defeated.)

In that 2012 survey, only 18% of respondents indicated they “felt confident they would receive sensitive service if their LGBTQ status was known.”

Fast forward to the 2022 study (which took place from March-June 2021 and surveyed close to 500 participants either online or via paper surveys) and 85% claimed they felt confident their care would be handled in a sensitive manner.