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Well, I have been thinking of starting a blog for sometime and when best to start than just before the new year. The traditional time of year for new beginnings. I cannot say that my life is that exciting or full, or that the blog will be riveting. I expect that it will be skipped over when going down the list of “unread posts since last login” but I will not mind.

I am not going to start with a prelude of my life up to now, if anyone reads this You will pick up on the relevant bits as it goes along

My last few days have been hectic with driving well over 600 miles visiting family and friends, attempting to keep up with their moving itinerary. Starting on Christmas Day to friends for Christmas lunch and all the trimmings (yes paper hats from the crackers). Opened presents after dinner and had a lovely surprise my wife (not a fan of my transition) gave me a necklace and the best friends we were with, a bracelet. These were the first ever “girl” presents I have ever had. After dinner, my wife, Kay, and I went to visit an ancient Aunt before going home.

Next event was taking my son back to Margate and then to Hove to visit eldest daughter and grandson arrive in time for dinner and a quick play/show of his presents before he went to bed. Next day was meant to be a day at a theme park but it was raining hard so it was indoor glow crazy golf instead. In the evening had a Thai meal out with Cara. Next day watched Issac having a tennis lesson. He is 6 and wants to be a grand slam champion, so far he is on course, very talented.

Then it was back to Margate where my youngest daughter had arrived with granddaughter (13) , grandson (22) and his wife. I am known there as Nanny Jess. Off then for an evening meal for 3 birthdays including mine. Had a 70 big ballon at the table and had to wear a badge followed by the drive home (130 miles) and change clothes.

If you got to here then thank you for reading and more soon

Keep safe and well
Jessica xxx


Busy on then dear!! Sounds like you had a good time with family, not managed to see my boys yet as come down with a stinking cold.

My second post was to be of the things I did yesterday and to do today.
But just received a text followed by a cowardly posting of a letter through the door issuing us a section 6a.

Here in the UK it is the dread of anyone that privately rents. It is a no fault eviction.
We now have 2 months to find a new home.


This is the second in two years. Our house in the village of Kintbury was sold
I feel numb.

Oh no, that's terrible news! It's unfortunate that some people have zero empathy for others, they simply don't care how their actions affect others. This being the second time in two years is really painful. I hope you can find a new home soon, maybe even a better one at a reasonable price. I wish you all the best.

Love always -- Jessica Rose

Brooke Renee:
Hello Jessica K,

I wish you the best in finding a new home, what a crummy way to end the year though and really crummy that this is the second time in two years. 

Shifting back to your first post for a moment..  I am so happy that you have started a blog, they are such a great way to work through things, meet people, and just have some fun.  I enjoyed reading about your Holiday travels and to have a better understanding, I went to Google maps for some education.  Both Hove/Brighton and Margate look like charming sea side locations but yeah, you did do some traveling to visit those locations leaving from Kintbury.  That's a roadtrip for sure. 

The gifts you received from your wife and friend are amazing, I am so happy for you!  Even though we express how meaningful these gifts are I wonder if our wives ever really understand just how much. 

Again, I am so sorry about your housing situation and I hope you get settled very soon.  Please continue with blog, I look forward to keeping up with you! 




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