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Just stopping in to say HI to anyone that remembers me

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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that.

Life is moving forward, every day a new challenge in my own mind. Started full-time in a band back in Mar 2022. The guys are supportive and very protective.

I'm rarely misgendered except by some who knew me before and don't fully accept. I limit my interactions with them but I'm civil if they are. As for new people, well, let's just say that some guys aren't as circumspect as they think they are.

I'm still hoping for a bf at some point, prospects aren't good but then, I'm not really trying.


Hey Faith, good to see you around! Hope you had a nice holiday season.  :)

Hugs, Devlyn

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Faith:
Thank you for coming back to say hello.   
Yes indeed, I remember you quite well... we had exchanged many comment replies
when you were more active here in the past on the Forums.

I am glad to read that you are doing OK and staying healthy and safe....

Are you still playing and doing gigs in a band at some of the local pubs?
... and dancing too?

Merry Christmas to you and wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2023.
HUGS and best wishes,

Maid Marion:
Hi Faith,

Happy New Year!


Welcome back Faith!

Happy new year.

Nice to hear from you again.



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