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Just stopping in to say HI to anyone that remembers me

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Thanks Y'all. I'd use the @ but it never worked for me.

Chrissy- I don't know about back, just checking in. Things are going well, overall, for me.
Marion- You as well, hope the holidays were good for you
Daniel- As I mentioned, still playing, now in a band. I don't get to dance as much now that I'm playing. I do the best that I can with a bass guitar and mic stand in the way.
Devlyn- TY, it was a nice. I played NYE so I was 'working' but didn't feel like work.

Lori and I are still together. We see no reason to change the status quo unless one of us meets someone else that changes the current dynamic. We're like BFFs that are married at this point. The BFF part will never change. It's hard for anything other than that since we both like guys. I've had a few interests in my direction, nothing that went anywhere.

I figured I'd share a photo of our band members. NYE - we were outside on a break .

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Faith:
WOW ... a great picture of you and your band that you shared and posted.
You look so beautiful in that group photo. :)
Every band needs at least one pretty female in the group.... you are it!!!
Thank you for sharing.

--- Quote from: Faith on January 11, 2023, 03:12:31 pm ---I figured I'd share a photo of you and the other band members. NYE - we were outside on a break .

--- End quote ---


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