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Have you eaten starfruit?

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Have you eaten starfruit?

Does it taste good?

Yes, it is very good. It tastes somewhat like a citrus fruit with hints of orange and lime. The skin is kind of tough, but it can be peeled away or sliced in such a way as to make removing the skin easy.

I still have not tried starfruit.  It is on my list of foods to try.  I will call it an unusual food, at least for me it is.


What have been some of the most unusual fruits you have eaten?

I tried something called a Hawaiian Apple but after I found some bugs in it, I stopped eating any more of it!
Not that I would not try another one though.

What fruits have you eaten that are not mainstream, or at least non-mainstream to the Western world?

One that does not sound too good, because of its smell, is Durian.  Have you tried that one?


Pitaja or pitahaya (drakenfruit/dragonfruit) is a fruit which is hard to find overhere. I like it in the summer cooled in the fridge.


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