Author Topic: Here’s big news...LGBTQ citizens feel more able to be their authentic selves  (Read 203 times)

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  Here’s big news from the census: LGBTQ citizens feel more able to be their authentic selves

                                     The Guardian

LGBTQ+ rights
Owen Jones   (Owen Jones is a Guardian columnist)
Fri 6 Jan 2023 11.40 EST

Excerpts Below:  (Click NEWS Link above to view entire story)

The 2021 census results for the first time paint LGBTQ people on the national canvas. Just over 3% of the population of English and Welsh citizens have declared themselves not to be heterosexual, a similar proportion to that estimated by the Office for National Statistics, which suggests a doubling in number since 2014.

The fluidity of sexuality is observable in the results: there are nearly as many bisexual and pansexual people as there are gay or lesbian. This justifies the complaints of campaigners about a phenomenon called “bi-erasure”: where bisexual people are often left out of conversations around queerness. Bi people face prejudice not just from straight citizens, but from gay and lesbian people, too: bi men are often treated as gay but in denial; bi women face widespread sexual objectification; and all are portrayed as sexually rapacious or tourists who don’t belong anywhere.

The LGBTQ world is not without its own internal issues. It remains dominated by white, middle-class, cis gay men. There is much segregation between the different identities – although there is more mixing than there used to be – as well as scarring by major problems of racism.
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