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Students protest Pride flag ban at Massachusetts high school


Northern Star Girl:
Students protest Pride flag ban at Massachusetts high school

                                    LGBTQ NATION

By Greg Owen
Thursday, January 12, 2023

Excerpts Below:   (Click NEWS Link above to view entire story)
A high school in Stoughton, Massachusetts was the site of a protest Tuesday night over the school’s ban on what it calls “political” flags and posters in classrooms.

The action was organized by Stoughton High School senior Olivia Tran, who was suspended last week for leading a student demonstration against the policy during class hours. Tran draped a large Pride flag outside the school’s administration office in that protest and the group refused to return to class.

School Superintendent Thomas Raab instituted the speech policy in September, when he informed teachers that classrooms were to be considered “neutral” spaces.
The ban originally applied only to flags. Now all material deemed “political” is forbidden.
“But we must keep classrooms neutral,” he said. “We can’t pick and choose which flags are appropriate or not.”

“I am bisexual, and I am an Asian American girl,” Tran said.
“There is no ‘neutral.’ Give us the justice we deserve.”


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