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Transgender professor Petra Gardella sues Manhattanville College over ban


Northern Star Girl:
   Transgender professor Petra Gardella sues Manhattanville College over ban

                                   NEW YORK POST

 By Kathianne Boniello   
January 14, 2023   1:33pm Updated

Excerpts Below: (Click NEWS Link above for entire story)

A longtime Manhattanville College professor was banned from campus activities following an “awkward” transition from male to female — which included polling colleagues on what color wig to wear, according to a lawsuit.

The professor, who began at the Westchester liberal arts school in 1983 as Peter Gardella, now goes by the name Petra Gardella and uses they/them pronouns.

“Happy New Year to all, as I turn my back on lectures about Western history! #Manhattanville college banned me from community events for coming out awkwardly, and I resigned in protest,” Gardella announced in a Jan. 1 tweet, alongside a picture of themselves in a sweater dress.

Gardella, 71, came out at Manhattanville in December 2019, and at later school meetings, wore different colored wigs and changed their name, prompting laughter from others, according to the Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit.

“I resigned in protest because they wouldn’t even let me communicate with my immediate supervisor,” the married educator told The Post. “It’s very hard to do your job when you can’t go to any meetings. … It’s been very difficult. I’ve been crushed.”

The school’s discipline made it impossible for Gardella to work, said their lawyer, Nathaniel Charny.


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