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‘A contentious place’:the inside story of Tavistock’s NHS gender identity clinic


Northern Star Girl:
‘A contentious place’: the inside story of Tavistock’s NHS gender identity clinic

                                  The GUARDIAN

by Libby Brooks
Thu 19 Jan 2023 10.00 EST
Last modified on Thu 19 Jan 2023 16.47 EST

EXCERPTS Below: (Click NEWS Link above to view entire story)
Clinicians and young people speak about the pioneering and controversial London facility now facing closure...
The centre sits near the bottom of a hill that climbs up to Hampstead in north London; a nondescript grey building, partially hidden by trees, with a small sign outside telling visitors they have found the right place.

This is Tavistock and Portman NHS foundation trust on Belsize Lane, a specialist centre for mental health therapies. Within it is the Gender Identity Development Service (Gids), one of the longest running services for gender-diverse children and young people in the world, founded 33 years ago, but whose work here as a national centre will be wound up within months.
There has been a deluge of argument and speculation, amplified in the media. The service has faced heavy criticism from young people and their parents about lengthy waiting times – and questions that go to the heart of what it does.

Clinicians there give intensive talking therapy to children, and in some cases those young people experiencing gender dysphoria will go on to have hormone blockers to pause puberty and, potentially, further hormones to change gender.


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