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Oregon school board drops ban on gay pride and other symbols


Northern Star Girl:
  Oregon school board drops ban on gay pride and other symbols

                                      ABC NEWS

ByANDREW SELSKY Associated Press
January 18, 2023, 1:06 PM

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SALEM, Ore. -- A school district in Oregon has quietly rescinded its ban on educators displaying symbols of the Black Lives Matter movement or gay pride, following a court settlement with a teachers' union.

In 2021, the board banned school staff from displaying Black Lives Matter and gay pride symbols, then expanded the ban to all political or controversial signs after being advised the first rule wouldn’t survive a legal challenge.

The Newberg School Board voted unanimously on Jan. 10 to rescind the controversial policy, a month after the Newberg Education Association announced it had settled its federal civil rights lawsuit over the matter.

“The policy will not be amended or changed, it is gone,” Newberg schools Superintendent Stephen Phillips told Oregon Public Broadcasting.

“It protects the marginalized populations in our student and staff bodies,” the Newberg Education Association said of the ruling. “We can continue to create safe spaces in our schools and offer support to students who identify as LGBTQIA+ and students of color without fear of retaliation.”


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