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Does it benefit my process to read and hear testimonials of people that have don

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Hey friends!!

I have a this question.

When I had my alignment with my gender, during the process, I tried meeting people like me who had done the process. I tried this like 10 times and for one reason or other they canceled. So, I made peace with the fact that life didnt want me to meet anybody. In retrospect this had benefits for my process. Why? because I started imagining, visualizing and creating my own experience and they way I wanted it to develop. And guess what? everything I visualized came true. My opinion is that I didnt fall into self fulfilling profecies taking other peoples experiences as something that could happen to me.

Now I am walking towards my SRS and I am self consciously wondering if I should create my own experience without hearing others or if It would give me some benefit to hear other peoples experiences...

Thanks for reading me


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Maid Marion:
Everyone has a different path, so yes, there can be advantages to not seeking out others to copy.
I am tiny and easily socialize as a woman pre-HRT.  Just 107 lbs with a 24 inch waist!


Allie Jayne:
Due to the lack of knowledge in the medical profession, and society in general, and the amount of disinformation, and outright misleading material out there, I believe it is essential for trans people to seek out the experiences of others to help make good decisions and to avoid the many traps. There is also a psychological benefit in interacting with others sharing your experience. Transition can be tough, and things will often not go the way you expect, so it’s beneficial to have access to others who have faced similar problems to reassure you there are ways forward.

You don’t have to do things the same way others have, but at least be well informed by others with real world experience before you make life changing and permanent decisions. You are determining how your life will be, use every resource available to get it right!



In answer to your question, it really depends. If other people try to tell you that their way is "The Way", or if they have the good sense to realise it's "One Way." The former can be damaging, the latter can be very helpful.

Ultimately, it's your life to live. As long as you keep that forefront in your mind, then you're good. :) You always create your own experiences because there's only one you. And it's what enriches the world we live in.


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