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What do you do to feel safe, especially when venturing into unknown places?

Transitioning made me feel more vulnerable. Becoming a woman made me feel more like a target, and being transgender just added another layer of potential violence. I think we all know to lock the doors and windows, and if walking outside at night we should try to stay in well-lit areas and travel in pairs. Keeping your cell phone fully charged is important, but so is paying attention to your surroundings instead of staring at the phone constantly.

Although we live in a subdivision, there are no houses behind us -- just a small meadow and forest. I installed some motion-sensor lights and a security camera, but that doesn't always deter would-be criminals. I keep a firearm within arms reach of our bed, with an attached light. Having a light will help me find anything that goes 'bump' in the night, and it will help identify any potential threats.

When I'm out, I always carry pepper spray. It doesn't take up much room in a pocket or purse, and I can take it everywhere (except on airplanes). It's inexpensive, and it can easily be replaced (at least in most states).

When I'm on the road, I have a firearm. I try not to travel much at night, but I often travel through remote areas which don't have a lot of traffic. If I have car trouble or need to change a tire, no telling who may stop to offer help.

Some people may think I'm paranoid, but I prefer not to be a victim. Just because you're not paranoid, it doesn't mean no one is after you.

Be safe -- Jessica Rose

P.S. - Please don't turn this into a thread about firearms. It should just be general information about the things you do to stay safe.

I lock my doors at night. That's about it.

The world isn't as dangerous as we're led to believe.

I like those YouTubers who go to the world's most dangerous places and have a good time. Based upon one of those videos, Haiti is an exception. Haiti is scary and I would only go in Iron Man's armor. 

tbh I have a big dog, so don't even lock my doors at night...
I did tie myself up in knots once about being 'safe'.. I had camera's, alarms, sprays... I trained in the use of bladed weapons, self-defence.. and have never thankfully needed to use any of them.

A talk a few years ago with my therapist was interesting.. we were talking about personal safety and she asked if I locked my car at night.. I said 'of course'.. she asked 'why?'

Well, there is nothing of value in it.. it isn't a new car or something someone would want to steal for fun.. I don't keep anything of value in the car and it is fully insured.. The 'worst' thing a thief could do was to smash a window to gain access and if it was unlocked they would have no need too.. and so I have not even locked my car for 5 years now (and if that fills you with shock ask yourself why.. why is it so important to you)... Now, I get I live in a ruralish sort of place.. not a city center with those sort of problems.. and if I go to a shopping center or somewhere, I do lock it.. but most the time.. <shrug> there is no need.

It is all about being sensible. taking steps to not put yourself in situations where you have a higher chance of becoming a victim. It is not about trying to mitigate all the possible things that 'could' happen to you.. Life is beautifully short anyway, so hiding away behind security devices is a waste of that precious gift.

I do not worry about safety here in S. Korea or other East Asian countries including China. But I do care when I travel in other countries, especially the US. I always wear athletic shoes in the street. But with my colleagues and friends, I do wear high heels.


I attended the Personal Safety for Women session at the Esprit Conference last year, which was quite interesting.  Learning how not to be a victim, how to give yourself that second to run, how to minimize your risk factors. 

Nothing in your purse is worth your life.

I would highly recommend attending a similar session if you get to attend any conferences this year.




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