Author Topic: Indiana Republicans Introduce Three New Bills to Erase LGBTQ+ People in School  (Read 121 times)

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Indiana Republicans Introduce Three New Bills to Erase LGBTQ+ People in School

Story by James Factora (25 Jan 2023)

As the nationwide legislative assault on trans children continues, Indiana lawmakers have introduced a trio of bills that would severely restrict LGBTQ+ students’ rights to privacy.

Introduced last Thursday and patterned after Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” legislation, House Bill 1608 would ban discussions of “gender fluidity; gender roles; gender stereotypes; gender identity; gender expression; or sexual orientation” at the kindergarten through third grade levels. Senate Bill 413, introduced the same day, would go so far as to ban mentions of LGBTQ+ people in classrooms up to the 12th grade level. The bill would also bar schools from establishing policies that would prevent parents from accessing their students’ records, and policies that would ban teachers from informing parents about their students’ “social emotional, behavioral, mental, or physical health.”

Although that language may sound vague, it’s been used in legislation filed in other states to develop policies that would effectively force schools to out students to their parents if a student discloses their sexual orientation or gender identity to a teacher or a counselor. In the Indiana bill, that provision would also specifically require teachers to inform parents if a child is permitted to use a gendered bathroom that differs from the sex they were assigned at birth.