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Parents Barred From Volunteering At Kids' Game For Being Gay


Northern Star Girl:
     Parents Barred From Volunteering At Kids' Game For Being Gay

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Christopher Wiggins
January 25 2023 1:52 PM EST

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A gay couple in Kentucky says that after enrolling several of their children in after-school programs, they were approached and told that the parents could not volunteer at games because of their sexual orientation.

Three of Jesika and Ayanna McKinney’s six children joined Upward Bound programs at Florence Baptist Temple Church a little over a month ago.

“Friday night, we got a knock on our door around 6:30 p.m. with two men who were identified as leadership with the church,” Jesika told the station. “And they were asking my wife not to referee, and we couldn’t understand what happened.”

She asked, “Did we do something wrong?”

According to the McKinneys, the men represented Florence Baptist Temple and told them that because of the couple’s sexual orientation, they couldn’t serve as referees or in leadership positions.

The couple says that the entire ordeal occurred in front of their kids, who were confused by the situation.

“What’s wrong with you and mommy being together?’” Jesika said their kids asked.

By sharing their experience, the couple hope to protect other families from the same situation.


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