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University of Wisconsin-Madison Funds Vocal Training For ‘Trans And Non-Binary'


University of Wisconsin-Madison Funds Vocal Training For ‘Trans And Non-Binary Voices’

Story by Alexa Schwerha (26 Jan 2023)

The University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW Madison) funded vocal training for “trans and non-binary voices” in a workshop scheduled to be held early next month, according to the event’s flyer.

“Teaching the Trans and Non-Binary Voice: Introductory Workshop for Students, Performers, and Educators” will be held on Feb. 3 to teach attendees about how to support transgender and non-binary individuals and learn how to conduct “gender expansive vocalization,” according to an Instagram announcement. The Music Teachers National Association – UW Madison Collegiate Chapter and the UW-Madison Division of Arts will co-host the event, and it is funded by the UW-Madison Division of Arts’ Artivism Student Action program (ASAP).

“Topics include considerations for gender expansive pedagogy, exploration of the [pitch, inflection, resonance, articulation] scale, and proposals of possibilities for gender expansive vocalization through vocal exercises and compassionate conversation,” the event description reads.

Students who attend the workshop will be able to “begin supporting gender diverse students with appropriate language and care,” “inform students about aspects of vocal transition” and explore gender expansive vocalization. The workshop will be taught by Liz Jackson Hearns, co-founder and owner of vocal clinic The Voice Lab.


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