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January 28, 2023 - Birthdays - Members


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13 Members Birthdays to recognize today, January 28, 2023

Dear Members: 
Today, is your Special Day.
I see that you are another year older and another year wiser....
Please allow all of us on the Forums to wish YOU a very
   :icon_flower: :icon_flower: :icon_flower: H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y :icon_flower: :icon_flower: :icon_flower:

I hope and trust that your special day includes family, friends
and very important.... CAKE and CANDLES.

***NOTE:  Be certain to check your profile for a special
Birthday surprise on January 28th ! :)

Best wishes to you for another "Happy" year.

Thank you Danielle. Forgive me for having issues trying to send you a message back. This is my first message sent to me on the site and I have never had to figure it out.

Guess my birthday reward happened last week in Dallas. I go down there every month to live my girls days 24/7. Zoey does not work well with my wife but she heartily agrees I need need my opportunities to enjoy her.

So I had dinner with some of my cis girlfriends, attended the Dallas Symphony, attended a concert celebrating the music of Sam Cooke, and went to the theater with another of my TG friends. Just a normal monthly outing for me. I actually am a pretty busy girl when I actually can get away.

Hugs, Zoey

Happy birthday to each of you!



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