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Alaska library board keeps LGBTQ books in youth sections


Northern Star Girl:
    Alaska library board keeps LGBTQ books in youth sections

                                 AP NEWS

Published January 26, 2023

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HOMER, Alaska (AP) — An advisory board overseeing a public library in Alaska has voted to keep scores of books containing supposed LGBTQ themes in the children’s and young adult sections instead of moving them to a separate location after complaints were made.

The Homer Public Library Advisory Board upheld the library director’s decision last week to keep the 55 books where they are currently located, the weekly Homer News reported Wednesday.

The petition asked that books “promoting transgender ideology, drag queens, homosexuality, and all other books which are intended to indoctrinate children in LGBQT+ ideologies” either be removed or not be available to children “to stumble upon these confusing ideas” in the children’s library or in the juvenile section.

“There are 12,500 titles in the children’s and young adult collections combined,” Berry said. “The 55 titles on this list represent 0.4% of that collection.”

He then asked the board to leave the books where they are, “so that we can continue to serve the entire community.”

Each book was upheld with no opposition from board members. One member noted that some of the books did not appear to even have an LGBTQ aspect to them.


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