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(Alaska) ... Affirming Care: Transgender Healthcare Resources


Northern Star Girl:
ALASKA:     Affirming Care: Transgender Healthcare Resources

by Scott Rhode
Dec 19, 2022
Alaska Business Magazine

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Alaska Business
Transgender people have specialized healthcare needs, which providers in Alaska are stepping up to provide.

Being transgender is more than a medical condition; it is an aspect of human lives. That said, transgender people have, by their nature, special healthcare needs.

Since 2014, when TIME magazine signaled a “Transgender Tipping Point,” the number of Americans who say they know a transgender person has grown from 9 percent to 44 percent (plus 20 percent who know someone who is gender nonbinary), according to a Pew Research Center survey. The population who themselves identify as a gender other than one assigned at birth remains about 0.5 percent, yet that fraction is more visible.

“People did not talk about gender and gender diversity” a decade ago, says Lynn Murphy, operations director for Identity Health Clinic in Anchorage, “and now the young kids have role models, they have people they can look up to, so they feel safer by coming out as gender diverse.”

Identity’s website lists Hogenson as a trans-friendly provider, and she says that’s because she serves patients without judgment while having the knowledge to care for them.


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