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Texas school board ... lawmakers ‘misrepresent’ guidance on transgender students


Northern Star Girl:
 Texas school board group says lawmakers ‘misrepresent’ guidance on transgender students

                                        The Dallas Morning News

By Meghan Mangrum
2:44 PM on Feb 2, 2023 CST
Updated at 2:47 PM on Feb 2, 2023 CST

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The largest Texas school board group continues to combat backlash from conservative lawmakers who are now urging local trustees to leave the association citing the group’s guidance on transgender students.

Texas Association of School Boards Executive Director Dan Troxell sent a letter to school board presidents across the state this week “to set the record straight,” saying lawmakers “grossly misrepresent” the association’s guidance on transgender students.

“It’s important that you understand the facts, especially since this same group of lawmakers is, unfortunately, using both misinformation and disinformation to call on Texas school boards to leave TASB,” Troxell wrote.

Troxell clarified to the board presidents that TASB has long offered guidance to district leaders on “issues related to transgender students.” The group’s recent 13-page document provides advice on how to approach various topics, such as which bathrooms students can use.

Ultimately, TASB cut ties with the national organization.


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