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‘This makes me feel seen:’ ‘Sims’ update for TG players ... win for LGBTQ gamers


Northern Star Girl:
   ‘This makes me feel seen:’ ‘Sims’ update for trans players marks latest win for LGBTQ gamers

                                      The Philadelphia Inquirer

by Emily Bloch
     Updated Feb 3, 2023

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Top surgery scars, binders, tucking underwear, and shapewear are some of the new elements Sims players can now add to their characters. The news has transgender gamers celebrating, marking the latest breakthrough for the LGBTQ gaming community.

The Sims 4 — which is free across multiple gaming platforms — rolled out a software update Tuesday centered on inclusion. Along with the add-ons for trans visibility, the upgrades include medical wearables like glucose monitors, insulin pumps, and hearing aids, which can be customized by color and placed on the character’s right, left, or both ears.

Kendall Stephens, 36, who describes herself as a civil rights trans activist from Northeast Philly, said she was skeptical when she saw the announcement. She worried the company behind Sims, EA Games, was pandering to the gender-variant community.

In the corporate world, “rainbow washing” is a  practice where large companies brag about pride initiatives for monetary gain. She asked other members of the trans and nonbinary community for their thoughts.

For years, games like The Sims have acted as an outlet for queer gamers. Players have discussed using the game as a form of escapism, affirmation, and a way to explore their identities.


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