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UCLA and UCSF FFS surgeons - what are their reputations?


I'm currently scheduled with Dr. Justine Lee at UCLA for FFS in early 2024. From people I've talked to, she has the reputation of being very competent but subtle.

I'm curious if other people have experiences with or know the reputations of other surgeons in the UCLA or UCSF systems? I'm not at all familiar with the people at UCSF in particular but assume they must be fairly skilled if they are there. Any comments on these people?:

Dr. Wayne Ozaki at UCLA
Dr. William Hoffman at UCSF
Dr. Jason Pomerantz at UCSF
Dr. P. Daniel Knott at UCSF
Dr. Rahul Seth at UCSF
Dr. Andrea Park at UCSF

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


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