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Difference in location?

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Hi everyone. I am not currently post op from a vaginoplasty, but this question stems more from a curiosity. Pretty much every diagram I have ever seen of a vulva I notice there is a difference in location between a penis and a clitoris. It appears that the clitoris is located more down the middle but the penis is more in the front. The clitoral hood might be similar in location but it's definitely not as noticeable.
I was just wondering if this is actually a thing they take into consideration. Has anyone who is post op noticed this difference I am talking about?

everything is put into it's correct place anatomically speaking..

Allie Jayne:
Surgeons need to work with what each patient has, and my surgeon explained that the vaginal canal needs to be constructed slightly lower than in cis people so it will miss the prostate. There are variations in all people, including cis people, so no two outcomes are exactly the same.



Over the years, many surgeon's technique has become better and it is still improving.  Certain well known surgeons have many more positive results than some others. Experience and education are very important for a positive result. Even so, there is still much variation in results that not everyone can be guarenteed an ideal result.

My advice is to first, have realistic expectations, then find a qualified surgeon who has repeatedly demonstrated that they can give you what you expect.  This is not an easy task. The internet is full of fake pictures. Do a consult in person and ask to see photos of that surgeon's results.

There is a lot or rearranging during GCS. In addition to some genital origami, nerve bundles and other structures get shifted to more appropriate locations. My wife says my new equipment looks like original equipment. I figure if anyone gets that close, they probably won't be taking measurements.

Love always -- Jessica Rose


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