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I just filled out some medical forms for (hopefully) a new primary care physician. I am four years post-op and have a new (not amended) birth certificate which includes my 'Sex' as 'Female'. The 'new patient' forms included these questions:

Sex at Birth:
Female / Male

Birth Sex:
Male / Female

Gender Identity:
Male / Female / Transgender Male (female to male) / Transgender Female (male to female) / Choose not to disclose

In LGBTQ+ friendly states these questions would be easy for me to answer, unfortunately I now live in one of the less-welcoming states. The physician I selected is supposedly transgender-friendly, but she won't be the only person who can see my information. For the initial uptake, I answered 'Female' for 'Sex at Birth', 'Birth Sex', and 'Gender Identity'. I will tell my physician the whole story, but I am really uncomfortable putting the information on official forms.

How do you answer questions like these?

Love always -- Jessica Rose

I've always felt that we need to acknowledge our male birth to our medical providers to ensure that all of our health needs are met. But in the current climate,  I think the answer may be that the best place to reveal these things may be in the privacy of the doctors exam room.

I have had to do similar as I registered at a new GP due to the move. Currently the UK is not that bad in terms of anti-trans areas. But finding a trans friendly GP is not easy, anyway, the only question asked was sex or gender I cannot remember which, and put down female as that is what is on my NHS marker. But later came questions for female patients that I could not answer, there I put transgender female. I am not as advance as you ladies as not had an op yet, so also when it came to meds it should have been obvious lol

Hugs xxx

I am not worried about disclosing the information as it would be covered under the federal HIPPA laws. Disclosing it would  be a felony.

So, I have answered recently the following questions:
 Legal Sex: Female
 Sex at Birth: Male
 Pronouns: she/her


I am now of the opinion (having only just changed this recently) that you should only disclose you are female on your documentation and only give out verbally any further information if it is absolutely necessary.. With trans individuals being targeted by idiots randomly, just because.. makes living out and proud a dangerous thing. The fact that a number of states can now enact arbitrary rules that would put people like me in jeopardy (like banning me from using female toilets) is scary.

I am fortunate that I am intersex, that my chromosomes and a lot of my internals are cis-normal for a female.. so I do not need a physician to keep an eye on my prostrate, as I have only a female equivalent anyway.. But other transwomen are not so lucky and do have to make sure they are making sure they are safe with the physician before disclosing and requesting tests.


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