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Spectra Breast Pump Update

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valerie anne:
This dual breast pump is exceeding my expectations. It's so powerful, yet gentle.

I am wearing a nursing bra, so that I can support the trumpets when pumping, but latch up the bra cups for support after each session. I get so extended that I need to wear nipple shields when in support mode. I lubricate using coconut oil. The deep band of the bra and the wide straps provide lots of "frumpy" comfort to my breasts.

But I am going South rapidly. After pumping, I am no longer pert, but my nipples feel heavy and I do droop. I really need the support of the nursing bra cups. 

Glad things are going well.

I am also pumping at the moment, I am currently lactating, I actually produce a nice amount of milk. I use the milk to feed my adopted twins, ok I don't produce near enough milk to feed them. so formula is needed

Some days I feel like a cow, but I do enjoy my pumping time. its nice "me" time and I actually enjoy the sucking sensation the breast pump makes while its busy. I use a double breast pump as well.

I also wear nursing bra as then I dont need to totally go topless when I pump, not like I am in public when I pump.

valerie anne:
I am so envious that you are producing some breast milk!

Like you, I love the sensation of having my breasts pumped, it feels so feminine.

I was getting quite sore, but I started to use Nivea firming body lotion, massaging it right in, and now I can pump for several hours every day without discomfort.

I am getting quite pendulous, particularly on the left side, so my nursing bra is a godsend, in holding the breast pump trumpets when sucking, then protecting my nipples with the soft bra cups between sessions.

I am now starting to measure for an E cup.

wow and E cup. Now I am jealous

I am only a D cup, I wear a 36D bra. I cant say my breasts have gotten larger due to the pumping, My breasts have filled out and have some more volume.

valerie anne:
My claim of needing an E cup bra may be a bit premature!

My tape measure showed that I needed a 36 E, but on its arrival, I couldn't quite fill the cups of the new bra.

But all was not lost. My pumping regime is producing really large sensitive nipples, and with the new bra I can carry plastic breast shields between pumping sessions which really protect me from soreness & chafe. 


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