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I can't decide which FFS procedures to get??

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Due to funds I can only get 2 procedures from the surgeon that I want (Harrison Lee). I'm definitely getting brow work done but I can't decide what the second procedure should be. I don't pass at all, I look like Kurt Cobain with sideways <not allowed> so I'm not sure if FFS will be enough to make me passing, and I have extreme facial dysphoria that makes me suicidal.

What procedures should I choose? My bestie says brow and chin and I tend to agree but I want to be absolutely sure. I can DM pictures if needed.

FFS should be to make you feel better about the reflection you see. It really just depends on what bothers you the most. If you have a prominent brow which bothers you, then that should be on the top of your list. Brow contouring is probably one of the most common facial surgeries for transgender women.

Jaw or chin... if you have long hair, that could help soften your jaw line somewhat. Chins are hard to hide, they kind of lead the way for the rest of your face. Without seeing any photos, I would tend to agree about going for brow and chin.

Whatever you decided, don't let anyone push you into a decision. Fix the parts which cause you the most pain.

Love always -- Jessica Rose

Well I don't like ANYTHING about my face, so I'm just trying to narrow it down to the most necessary.

Thnx for the reply xoxo

Every face has it's own feminizing requirements. Maybe if you could find someone who can do computer modeling that will help you find what needs to be done first.

For myself, the most important feminizing procedures were around my eyes, nose and brow.  Some procedures naturally go together, such as brow reduction (type 3) and scalp advancement or rhinoplasty and upper lip shortening.

Unless you have an overly large mandable, I have always thought that any shaping in this area has limited feminizing potential and is very expensive. Also procedures in this area seem to have a large number of complications, like nerve damage.

However, this is your decision to make. You may consider that you are a work in progress. (Aren't we all!) You can always get additional procedures in the future.

As I have done many times, I second what Rakel said. In short, lower your hairline, thin your nose, or raise your upper lip.


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